Data analysis and insights

Data used creatively can have a significant impact on educational outcomes and the life chances of young people.

Decisions informed by insights

Our first-rate data analysis skills will identify the trends, explore the underlying causes and draw conclusions to enable you to manage your services effectively. This is the core of all the work we do.

We use a range of analysis tools such as Tableau, Excel, Access, D3 and Reporting Services to analyse the numbers. Then we use our extensive knowledge of the data and the education sector to pull out the key findings. We are keen to get beneath the headlines and understand the underlying messages. But we always keep a close eye on the main aim – supporting you to clarify the questions that you need to answer. This way, our analysis directly informs the decision making process.

Our reports

We have developed a suite of reports that are widely used by our clients. We can run these for your school, college or local authority. All these reports have a clarity of visual presentation and are easy to digest. We ensure that they are accessible to all your audiences, irrespective of data literacy levels.

Our reports are:

We do bespoke analysis

We also undertake bespoke data analysis if you have a specific problem. We use our skills and experience to help you define your questions, source the data, run the analysis and draw out findings.

We use our proprietary data warehouse, DataHub, to process a huge range of education data. It powers our analysis and enables us to provide targeted insights to meet your specific requirements. We can look at overall trends; focus on specific groups such as vulnerable children, ethnicity, deprivation; or analyse the progress and outcomes of your individual pupils. Whatever your requirements, we have the expertise to analyse data and draw out insights.

We also have an interactive tool, DataPix, to enable you to drill down into your data to understand what is behind your headline messages.  We also use Tableau for sophisticated, interactive analytics, stunning visualisations and management dashboards.

We are experts in communicating complex information with clarity and in a visually accessible manner. All our work meet this standard.

What our clients say

“Mime have always been flexible and responsive in their approach – always supportive and happily accommodating us with our requests for customised work and output. Our expectations and demands have always been professionally met and always within expected timelines. We have a very positive successful relationship with Mime, and can state without hesitation that the company are without fail one of the better organisations that we have worked with. We would have no hesitation in recommending their services.”
Tai Cheng, Southwark Children’s Services – Education
If you would like to discuss your specific data analysis requirements or to find out more please contact us.