Our services

We use data and technology creatively to ensure that all your data needs are met.

Data analysis and insights

Data used creatively can have a significant impact on educational outcomes and the life chances of young people. Our first-rate data analysis skills will identify the trends, explore the underlying causes and draw conclusions to enable you to manage your services effectively.


We are experts in communicating complex information with clarity and in a visually accessible manner. We use infographics and dashboards to enable you to manage your business or communicate with your stakeholders.

Systems development

We use the latest technology to help you get the most from your data yourself. We build interactive systems so that you can really get to the heart of what your data is telling you.


Education providers need to follow the progress of their children and young people. We build trackers to help you record and monitor individual progress through your organisation and beyond. Our trackers can help you meet your statutory requirements and provide a rich source of data for you to improve your education services.

Data management and strategy

Your data is a mine of fascinating insights. But you need to have confidence in its quality and integrity. We can help ensure your analysis is based on secure, robust data and used effectively in service delivery.

Capacity building

In order to get the maximum insights from your data, your data team needs to be operating as efficiently and effectively as possible. We can help you make this happen.

Tableau consultancy

Tableau is our tool of choice for sophisticated, interactive analytics, stunning visualisations and management dashboards. We offer a range of Tableau consulting services.