Skills & careers

We combine and present data intelligently to help improve the life chances of young people aged 14-19.

Who we work with

We work with schools, colleges, adult learning institutions and their partner agencies to ensure they get the maximum impact from the available data.

Decisions based on evidence

We have a detailed knowledge of the extensive range of datasets available. We provide analysis and insights on pupil performance and destinations, drop-out rates, skills and careers.

We combine and present the data intelligently to help:

  • Schools and colleges improve their teaching performance and careers provision
  • Education practitioners to develop policy based on the latest evidence
  • Young people, and the teachers supporting them, make the best study and career choices.

Exploring the data

We use our extensive knowledge of the relevant datasets to build easy to use tools for practitioners and young people to explore the data.

Using the appropriate data sets, we have built the following systems for clients:

  • A web-based tool to map the supply and demand of skills by local authority (Skills Match)
  • An interactive tool to search a vast selection of relevant education and skills data in London at summary or local level (Intelligent London)
  • An interactive system tracking students’ post-16 pathways
  • A portal that allows schools and businesses in London to connect to provide careers education programmes (London Ambitions).

In addition, we have created Skills Route to help young people to consider all their options for study after GCSE including apprenticeships, vocational qualifications and A levels. Our innovative tool draws on a wealth of careers, employment and training datasets to provide suggestions of options based on a young person’s ability, interests and ambitions.

What we do

We have a range of services to support your skills & careers objectives:

For further information on these, please see the services page.

What our clients say

Skills Route is the first of its kind… a perfect example of how widely available but often complex information can be better utilised and applied to everyday life.
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Ed Parkes - Senior Programme ManagerNESTA

Our skills & careers products

Skills Route

Tool to help young people explore and compare all their education and training options after GCSEs, including apprenticeships and vocational pathways.

Post 16 Profile

An annual profile of performance for 6th form schools, providing a comprehensive analysis of all aspects of the school, including headline attainment, subject value-added and contextual analysis.

Risk of NEET Analysis

Understand your cohort to target your resources on those most at risk of dropping out of education and training.


Interactive analysis tool to compare performance and understand what is driving outcomes at local authority, school, pupil group or child level.

Applied Learning Tracker

Simple-to-use online system that allows you to monitor the progress of your students on vocational courses, including BTECs and Diplomas.

If you would like any further information on using data or technology to support your skills and careers service please contact us.