School improvement

We use data to help our clients drive up standards in schools across primary, secondary and post-16 education, whilst ensuring the most vulnerable students are supported effectively.

Who we work with

We work with schools, local authorities, academy trusts, education alliances and partnerships to ensure that your data delivers the maximum impact on school performance.

Understanding your performance

We analyse and present your data so you can see quickly where to focus your resources to improve your school’s performance. We are able to provide targeted analysis to meet your specific requirements.

We can provide:

  • A comprehensive profile of school performance at primary, secondary or post-16 level
  • Insights at local authority, school or pupil level
  • Analysis of overall trends or focus on specific groups or areas of the curriculum
  • Tracking of the outcomes and pathways of cohorts or individuals
  • Comparators, trends over time, matrices and maps
  • Our interactive analysis tool, DataPix, to enable you to drill down into your data to understand what is behind your headline messages.

Our reports help you demonstrate impact and progress to a range of audiences including Ofsted, Governors, link inspectors and senior management teams.

Tracking pupil performance

We are experienced in building bespoke trackers to meet your specific needs. This may be to record and monitor specific outcomes or as a more detailed case management tool. We have built trackers to monitor SEN provision, students on vocational courses and those provided for by alternative providers.

Why we are different

We use our proprietary data warehouse, DataHub, to process a huge range of education data. It powers all our analysis. It allows us to provide targeted analysis to meet your specific requirements.

We are experts in communicating complex information with clarity and in an visually accessible manner. All our reports meet this standard.

What we do

We have a range of services to support your school improvement objectives:

For further information on these, please see the services page.

Our school improvement products

Super School Profile - Primary

Provides a comprehensive analysis of all aspects of your school, including attainment and progress information from Foundation Stage to Key Stage 2, contextual analysis, attendance, financial, workforce and pupil maps.

Super School Profile - Secondary

Provides a comprehensive analysis of all aspects of your school, including progress and attainment information from Key Stage 2 to 3, contextual analysis, attendance, financial, workforce and pupil maps.

Post 16 Profile

An annual profile of performance for 6th form schools, providing a comprehensive analysis of all aspects of the school, including headline attainment, subject value-added and contextual analysis.


Interactive analysis tool to compare performance and understand what is driving outcomes at local authority, school, pupil group or child level.

SEND Analysis

Understand the performance of your SEND provision through data analysis and forecasting.

SS Tracker

A tool for special schools to track the progress of SEN pupils against non-academic milestones.

Applied Learning Tracker

Simple-to-use online system that allows you to monitor the progress of your students on vocational courses, including BTECs and Diplomas.

What our clients say

Working with Mime has been a total joy. We have worked on a totally new project, and they have been generous and innovative in their approach to exploring the possibilities. The end result has totally surpassed my expectations and is now being used as a major driver for school improvement across a number of schools. Their attention to detail is excellent, but they are also able to keep the ‘big picture’ of what the purpose of the data is and how best to present it in a way that enables and empowers others to actually deeply understand it and, therefore, use it.
Surrey Square Primary
Liz Robinson, Head Teacher Surrey Square Primary School
We have found the work of Mime to be of exceptional standard and of the highest quality. One key piece of work commissioned by us is the Super School Profile – an important report that has facilitated the identification of underachievement, performance concerns as well as areas for improvement. The Super School Profile is a tool that is held in high esteem and is widely used by senior advisors, governors and schools alike to support informed decision making and better outcomes for Southwark schools.
Southwark Council
Terry Segarty, Head of Standards 0-19Southwark
High quality, accessible data is a critical factor in school improvement. In my experience Mime’s products are really effective tools in developing an understanding of school priorities across all stakeholders which is vital to move both a school and a system forward in a sustainable way. I’ve had unanimously positive feedback from headteachers, chairs of governors, officers and elected members about Mime’s Super School Profiles and Datapix.
Christine McInnesSchool Improvement
If you would like any further information on using data to drive up standards in your school please contact us.