SS Tracker

A tool for special schools to track the progress of your SEN pupils.

All schools want to demonstrate the progress of their pupils. For special schools, there is a requirement to track pupil development beyond pure academic performance.

Our SS Tracker can help you record and monitor the progress of your SEN pupils against non-academic milestones, for example social skills, communication and behaviour.

Key benefits of the Tracker

  • Fully customisable development framework. You can define the targets you want to track your pupils against
  • Simple recording of progress. It is easy to record both your assessments and interventions
  • Visual reports showing individual pupil progress against targets and over time
  • Powerful interactive analysis to measure progress by group, class or pupil characteristic.

For more information, please visit or take a look at how it’s being used in special schools across Bromley at

The SS Tracker has been most useful in evidencing the growth and personal development of our individual students. This means we can steer support and interventions for pupils where they are most needed.  The tool simplifies quite complex qualitative data into nice visual, graphic summaries of where each student is.
Chris CollinsDeputy Head (Curriculum)
The Mime team have been excellent at translating complex measurement and data needs into a software system. We anticipate the software being a valuable tool to collect, understand and communicate impact in areas of Social Emotional and Mental Health.
Larissa Sherman, Head of TherapyBromley Beacon Academy & Bromley Trust Academy
For more information on the SS Tracker, please visit the SS Tracker website or contact us.