Skills Route

A tool to help young people explore and compare all their education, training and career options after GCSEs.

Skills Route

Each year 150,000 AS level exams are failed and 40,000 students drop out of school. Perhaps they picked the wrong course or institution or maybe they didn’t think carefully enough about their decision.

Schools have a statutory duty to provide impartial careers advice on all the options to support your young people to make the right choices. But curriculum time is short and resources limited. Skills Route is a tool to help young people explore and compare all their education and training options after GCSEs, including apprenticeships and vocational pathways.

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For students and parents

  • Learn about all the different course types and subjects and discover new options
  • Learn, at a glance, what courses are offered where
  • See what other people like you have done with their lives
  • Reflect on your academic ability, interests & life goals; apply them to your sixth form choices
  • Free to use.

For schools and colleges

  • Meet your statutory duty to provide impartial advice and demonstrate this to Ofsted
  • Create analytics and reports so that you can use Skills Route insights to inform your 1:1 support and careers curriculum
  • Equip teachers to have informed 1:1 conversations with students
  • Show students the range of education and training options through a free post-16 portal and careers guidance tool
  • Incentivise hard work by showing the implication of grades on future life goals.

You can either use it in the classroom setting or as part of homework assignment. The outputs from Skills Route can form the basis of an information discussion with your students.

Teacher Toolkit

Our teacher toolkit enables you to maximise the benefits of using Skills Route with your students. We can:

  • Create user accounts to get you started quickly
  • Provide graphical analysis of your pupils Skills Route choices at class, group and school level
  • Provide student level reports so you can see the choices each child makes
  • Provide analysis on the risk of NEET for each individual student
  • Simplify your intended destinations statutory return.

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Skills Route is the first of its kind… a perfect example of how widely available but often complex information can be better utilised and applied to everyday life.
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Ed ParkesSenior Programme Manager, NESTA

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