SEND Dashboard Service

Better understand SEND assessment, provision and outcomes across your LA.

Our SEND Dashboard Service brings data together from over 100 sources to give a single, consistent picture of your service. This gives users better oversight and supports more effective planning and better decision-making.

The SEND Dashboard compares indicators over time and against England and statistical neighbour averages, highlighting where your local authority ranks in the top or bottom quartile of local authorities in England. The Interactive SEND Dashboard allows users to go further, drilling-down into the data behind the headline messages, for example exploring school-level data or adding combinations of pupil characteristics.

To align with the local area SEND inspection framework, the Dashboard is split into three sections:

A. Identification – including prevalence of SEND and primary need types
B. Assessment & provision – including EHCP processes and placements, and funding
C. Outcomes – including attainment, absence, exclusions, and pupil destinations.

Watch the video below to learn more (4 mins)

The Interactive SEND Dashboard from Mime allows us to see, in detail, the picture for SEND pupils across our borough which helps us to target support appropriately. We find it easy to use, fast and extremely helpful for report writing.- Yvonne Ely, Assistant Director SEND, Southwark
The SEND Dashboard has been very useful in giving headline messages to SENCOs. As Mime’s work always is, the dashboard is very clear and enables us to focus effort where it is needed.- Head of School Improvement, A London Borough

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Read about how the SEND Dashboard supported one local authority through a local area SEND inspection here.

Subscribers to the SEND Dashboard service receive at least five updated SEND Dashboards per year, aligned with key DfE data releases, and an annual bespoke SEND Summary Infographic. This infographic draws out key areas of strength, weakness, and where the data shows large changes from prior years.

For more information on our services, or to receive a demo version of our SEND Dashboard, please contact us.