SEND Analysis

We use our experience and knowledge of SEND data to help you find the answers you need to strengthen your SEND services.

SEND Forecasting

We have a tried and tested model for forecasting demand for SEND placements at a local authority or regional level. For an example of our forecasting projects, see our case study on forecasting SEND placements in London.

Bespoke SEND Analysis & Support

Our SEND Dashboard provides a top-level view to quickly identify areas of strength and weakness. However, you will often need to drill-down further to understand what is driving performance. We can provide detailed analysis, for example:

  • A Review of inclusion of young people with SEND across the West Midlands
  • EHCP school placement funding analysis, including modelling the financial impact of various changes to provision
  • SEND attendance, exclusions, attainment and progress analysis by school
  • SEND pupil destinations analysis
  • A supportive review through one of our associates who was formerly an HMI and is an experienced leader of LA SEND inspections.

Read more about our work in the SEND sector and our other SEND products, including the SS Tracker and SEND Dashboard

For more information on our SEND Analysis, please contact us.