Post 16 profile

A comprehensive analysis of all aspects of the 6th form, including headline attainment, subject value-added and contextual information.

The level of scrutiny of around school results are ever-increasing. It is essential for leaders in schools and local authorities to fully understand their current performance.

Data, used effectively, can be a powerful tool to inform your development of services and school improvement plan. But you need it on a timely basis, in an accessible way so that you can quickly and easily find your problem areas.

Mime’s products are really effective tools in developing an understanding of school priorities across all stakeholders… I’ve had unanimously positive feedback from headteachers, chairs of governors, officers and elected members about Mime’s Super School Profiles and Datapix.
Christine McInnesSchool Improvement

Underpin your improvement plan with sound evidence

We provide an annual profile of performance to 6th form schools and colleges. It provides a comprehensive analysis of all aspects of your school, including headline attainment, subject value-added and contextual analysis.

Our profiles are available in the Autumn term, well before the Performance Tables. This ensures that your planning for the current academic year is unpinned by a sound evidence base and the latest data.

Our simple presentation of complex data

The profile uses a mix of visually-engaging presentations including line charts, bar charts, scatter plots and maps. We compare your 6th form’s latest data against previous years and local or national comparators and we use colour to show the key messages at a glance. The simple presentation of complex data enables makes it invaluable tool for understanding and communicating your performance to all your stakeholders including, the Senior Management Team, governors and Ofsted.

We can tailor our profile for you

We use our template for our Post 16 Profile. However, we can amend the analysis or comparators to provide a bespoke report if you wish. We would be happy to discuss your requirements. If you would like further information or to talk through your requirements, please contact us.

If you would like to find out more about our Post 16 Profile or discuss your requirements for a bespoke report, please call us on 0208 099 4240 or contact us.