Our interactive analysis tool to compare performance and understand what is driving outcomes at local authority, school, pupil group or child level.

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There is a huge range of performance and activity data about your area. This provides a fantastic resource to help you understand and improve your services. But it is usually held in different formats across numerous services and websites. To get the most from your data, you need it to be pulled into one place and presented consistently.

Prior to DataPix, vital datasets were fragmented, and difficult to access, which meant that they weren’t being used by those who needed them. DataPix has been invaluable in giving us a system that pulls all our key outcome and activity data together, and presents it in an intuitive, attractive and easy to use format.
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Jim Bren, Head of Policy Planning Review and InformationWandsworth Borough Council
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Make decisions based on robust evidence

DataPix is our visual analysis tool which provides you with a robust evidence base for:

  • Planning and commissioning services
  • Demonstrating impact and effectiveness
  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses in performance.

It is an online tool providing interactive mapping and graphical analysis at several geographical levels including national, statistical neighbours, local authority, locality, ward, super output area or postcode.

Every aspect of the tool is bespoke, giving you what you need. We will work with you to choose the datasets, combining your own raw data with any of the hundreds of standardised datasets available, and present the data how you want to see it.

DataPix for school improvement

To drive school improvement, you need to understand your historic performance. You need to interrogate your data to get beneath the headline messages.

DataPix allows you to do this. It pulls together a range of data for a number of years from primary and secondary attainment and progress, attendance and exclusions. The data is processed consistently and robustly using the Mime DataHub. It is then presented visually and interactively with a simple-to-use interface.

  • Datapix
  • Datapix

The modules for school improvement

A visual dashboard of the local authority performance ranked against national, regional and statistical neighbours. It allows you to quickly see your relative strengths and weaknesses across key stages, between subjects and for vulnerable groups.

View all school data side by side for specific pupil groups, ranked by performance or cohort size. You can drill-down into specific combinations, such as White British disadvantaged, and view trends over time. This enables you to understand the schools that are driving the high-level trends as well as identify good practice.

Visual analysis of whether individual pupils are on track at the end of each year group. It highlights whether schools are narrowing any gaps between groups of children over time as compared with the local authority overall. You can focus on SEN, disadvantaged or other groups as required.

High quality, accessible data is a critical factor in school improvement. In my experience Mime’s products are really effective tools in developing an understanding of school priorities across all stakeholders which is vital to move both a school and a system forward in a sustainable way. I’ve had unanimously positive feedback from headteachers, chairs of governors, officers and elected members about Mime’s Superschool profiles and Datapix.
Christine McInnes, School Improvement
If you would like to discuss how you could use DataPix to understand your education outcomes better, please give us a call on 0208 099 4240 or contact us.