Project: Web log analysis

Client: London School of Economics

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We were commissioned by the LSE to provide them with a way of analysing their raw web server log files. We generated innovative, detailed Tableau analysis in the form of maps and time series charts allowing them to evidence the impact of school activities and events.

This involved first scripting (using Python) the pre-processing of log data in a variety of formats which could then be loaded into a central database. From this point, we used Tableau to enrich the data with local LSE information on topics such as press mentions and timetabled events to provide a range of customisable analysis which could be used to explore these datasets and their impacts in more detail.

One important piece of analysis for this project was providing choropleth heat maps of hits and usage across countries, with city level information layered over the top which allowed users to drill-down into more detail on particular hot spots.

We also trained LSE staff to develop further Tableau dashboards themselves and repeat the analysis as more weblog data was produced. You can view the interactive version, created in 2013, here.

LSE interactive timeline