Project: Parenting Programme Evaluation

Client: Wandsworth Borough Council

The Wandsworth Parenting Support Service provides a range of courses to support parents. These include both targeted and universal provision including Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities (SFSC) and courses for survivors of domestic abuse, The service needed an evaluation framework to understand the impact they were having and whether they were getting to the most vulnerable groups.

We created a suite of tools for the service, including enrolment and evaluation forms, and a data collection and analysis database. Analysis included comparisons with local authority population averages, so the service could see if they were missing key groups (for example, ethnic minorities, disabled parents or parents from particular parts of the borough). The evaluation reports included analysis of the impact of the course, for example on parent’s confidence, as well as a net promoter score and free text analysis to allow the service to focus on particular issues that emerge, or requests for future courses.

Feedback was overwhelmingly positive and the evaluation reports were used to help tailor the service and lobby for future funding.

father and child

“My son has changed as the direct result of me being a more confident parent and I shout less.” Parent