Project: Local Area SEND Inspection Support

Client: Wandsworth Borough Council

Wandsworth Council Logo

We supported Wandsworth through their SEND Local Area Inspection in 2019. Our SEND Dashboard service formed a key pillar of this support throughout the inspection period. In particular the SEND Dashboard:

  • Allowed Wandsworth to identity relative strengths and weaknesses. This enabled them to better prepare for the inspection by understanding which areas were likely to receive the most scrutiny
  • Was used to prepare a briefing on Wandsworth’s SEND data for everyone involved in the inspection. This ensured messages were consistent across the numerous officers and managers meeting with inspectors
  • Formed part of Wandsworth’s submission to the inspection team
  • Was a valuable tool for Wandsworth when asked questions or to provide evidence in meetings with the inspection team.

Post-inspection, Wandsworth continue to use the SEND Dashboard to monitor progress. We also provide the SEND team with ongoing data support in response to the areas for improvement identified by the inspection team.

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