Project: Primary pupil destination tracking

Client: Surrey Square School

Surrey Square Primary

Surrey Square School wanted to understand the impact that the primary school has on the lives of the young people they educate. We undertook analysis using the National Pupil Database (NPD) on the outcomes of a cohort of pupils after they left the school. The report tracked the achievement and progress of the cohort from Key Stage 2 through to Key Stage 4. They were compared against national averages and broken down by pupil characteristics to provide insights into the relative influence of the school on the future of their pupils.

The report also gave a breakdown of the schools the pupils attend at Key Stage 4 to offer further insight into the achievement and progress of their pupils when they leave the school.

Working with Mime has been a total joy. We have worked on a totally new project, and they have been generous and innovative in their approach to exploring the possibilities. The end result has totally surpassed my expectations and is now being used as a major driver for school improvement across a number of schools. Their attention to detail is excellent, but they are also able to keep the ‘big picture’ of what the purpose of the data is and how best to present it in a way that enables and empowers others to actually deeply understand it and, therefore, use it.
Surrey Square Primary
Liz RobinsonHead Teacher, Surrey Square Primary School