Project: Birmingham SEND Pupil Progress Tracking

Client: Birmingham City Council

We were commissioned by Birmingham City Council to develop and implement an accessible and clear method for tracking the progress of SEND pupils across their mainstream and special schools. This involved creating an easily understood and low-burden data collection template to be shared with hundreds of schools across the city, processing the returned data and producing clear and engaging reports for every school.

Our reports to schools included:

  1. Analysis of their SEND pupil progress data by year group and subject area
  2. Comparisons of their SEND pupil progress to local authority and school network/consortium averages
  3. Analysis of their SEND pupil absence and exclusion rates, including by reason

Schools across Birmingham found this so useful for their benchmarking, planning and improvement that we have been recommissioned to carry this exercise out annually.

The Mime Team have proved to be an invaluable asset to the Local Authority. Having listened to our needs they not only provided some very timely and informative data and analysis, which immediately gave us a very clear and unequivocal view of our performance over time, but their detailed and readily accessible comparative analysis against other relevant LAs and nationally immediately provided our priority areas for improvement. As a result, our work became more focussed and informed and much more readily acceptable to staff across the LA.

Mime also worked extremely well with us on more local SEND project work, providing detailed local internal SEND outcomes data which schools used well to challenge and compare their performance across the different local areas across the LA Mime were also instrumental  and a key factor in the success of our Developing Local SEND Provision project which has been praised highly by the DFE  and our SEND commissioner.

Mime became an integral part of our team and our  SEND improvement process. They  shared our issues, priorities and our problem solving often recommending other aspects for exploration and projects that had worked for other LAs as their extensive work across the country enabled them to do this sensitively and objectively . The team were exemplary,  friendly and approachable, responsive, non judgmental, adaptable, proactive and most impressively highly skilled in their work which is clearly informed by their extensive expertise and experience in the SEND areas both nationally, and with schools and LAs. Their willingness to also work with our own developing data teams and leaders to share their work, offer suggestions and recommendations sensitively and collaboratively also helped us to quickly begin to build our capacity in the LA. Mime provide a unique and expert resource and are an ideal and invaluable partner for any LA, especially for those focussed on improving outcomes for Children and Young people with SEND and Inclusion.

Debbie HolmesBirmingham City Council